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Welcome to our Home Learning Zone

On this page you will find some useful links to advice and support for both you and your children during any period of school closure. 

Our home learning is now through the Seesaw or Tapestry App. The remote learning plan with instructions on how to set up the app can be found on the Noticeboard of the front page of the website. Please do use the App to communicate with your teacher about any concerns around the home learning or if you need any help. The children can also respond to their teacher. The teachers will be available during school hours to respond to your comments. 





Paper planes

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Thank you Mrs Powell for putting it together

Attention Autism

Attention Autism is an intervention model designed by Gina Davies, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. It aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. Gina’s primary objective is that the sessions are fun and “offer an irresistible invitation to learn”!


Aims of Attention Autism

  1. To engage attention
  2. To improve joint attention
  3. To develop shared enjoyment in group activities
  4. To increase attention in adult-led activities
  5. To encourage spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting
  6. To increase non-verbal and verbal communication through commenting
  7. To build a wealth and depth of vocabulary
  8. To have fun!


Stages of Attention Autism

The Attention Autism programme progresses through a series of stages, building on each skill level. Each new stage is introduced when the group is ready to expand attention skills.

  • Stage 1: The Bucket to Focus Attention

A bucket is filled with visually engaging objects and toys, aiming to gain the shared attention of the group. The adult leader shows each item to the group and uses simple repetitive vocabulary to comment on the various objects. 

  • Stage 2: The Attention Builder

Visually stimulating activities are shown to the group by the adult leader, aiming to sustain attention for a longer period. The activities are fun, visually engaging and can often involve delightful mess!

  • Stage 3: Turn taking & Re-engaging Attention

The adult leader demonstrates a simple activity, often modelled with another adult in the group. Some children are then invited to have a turn but only if they are comfortable to do so. Not every child in the group will get a turn, which then teaches important emotional regulation skills, as well as the essential skills of waiting, turn-taking and learning through modelling.


During any period of school closure,  will upload a link to watch stage 1 and 2 on Youtube on a weekly basis. Then if you have the resources at home, you and your child/children can take part in stage 3 together. Please email any photos you take of your child taking part.


Cupcake SPLAT!

Attention Autism Stage 1 (Bucket) and Stage 2. Cupcake SPLAT You will need Shaving foam, splatter/hand, cupcake case, something to be the cherry we used a re...

Children taking part in Attention Autism at home


Story Massage


Story massage is a programme designed to support children with Autism, but can also benefit all children in a range of different ways, including relaxation, touch tolerance, emotional regulation, increased concentration, improved readiness to learn better sleep and social connection.

During these challenging times, children need to feel secure and many children will be suffering from anxiety.

Below is the first Powerpoint which explains all the different massage strokes needed for the stories. Practice these with your children and remember they can always practise back on you. Story Massage is performed on a person’s back, this can be siblings, parents or other family members, however it is important to remember to always ask if the person wants a massage before taking part.

We shall upload new Powerpoints each week with different stories for you to follow at home. These can be done on a daily basis as a break between home learning tasks or as relaxation before bed.

Please go to the class pages on the website to find the daily tasks for your year group. Please use the class e mail we have given you to register each day and ask any queries about your child's learning. 

Useful links to how to cope during lock down.

We understand that it may be very difficult for children to understand what has happened and the change from school to home learning. Please see the link below to a social story you can use with your children at home. -


Here is a useful link to parents of children with SEND, particularly parents of children with Autism on how to support their children during this period.


Here is a link to some useful home learning activities sent to us by Reading Borough Council