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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission statement of ‘Love, Learn, Grow’ underpins all that we do. With the Gospel values at the centre of our school and guided by our faith, we live out our Catholic beliefs, developing into lifelong, resilient learners.  We nurture our pupils, in close collaboration with families and the community, to provide a rewarding experience, where our children can impact the world in a positive way, making sense of their faith and their relationship with God and those around them. 


Our curriculum is designed to  develop the whole child. Everything we do, even the smallest action, takes place in a culture of mutual support and encouragement, which enables all to meet their full potential academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Our aim is for all children to reach their full potential spiritually, morally, emotionally and academically through:

• developing and growing in relationship with God;

• taking risks in their learning and learning from mistakes;

• developing a love of learning;

• having active and creative minds;

• becoming responsible, independent, life-long learners;

• high self-esteem;

• making a positive contribution to society.