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Hello, I will be posting activities for Nursery Children daily.  I've chosen activities where it should be easy to find the things you'll need at home. 

Early years is about play and discovery and while there are some 'sitting at work' activities I've tried to make things active and involved in the hope the children will enjoy the experiences.  Let me know if this is too much or two little for them.  All play has some value and if they are deeply involved in an activity you can let them carry on until their body language tells you they are finished.  For this reason I haven't put a time scale to the activities.  In Nursery they would move around the activities. 

If you have siblings to help aswell.  I hope you can fit the activities around the schedule that works for the siblings.  I would advise you try to have a routine in the day. Then you can say 'Time to do some counting or First counting socks then snack'. You can email me any questions on  and post pictures on Tapestry for me to respond to.

Spooniville. We've been inspired to make a family of spoons!

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