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Easter Holiday


Please find below a range of activities and virtual tours and trips to explore during the Easter Holiday. I will be adding new things when I find anything I think we would enjoy. You do not need to register every morning but I would still love to see all the learning fun you are having by you adding observations to Tapestry. 


Christ the King Church will be live streaming these services


Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's supper will be at 7.30pm.

Good Friday at the usual time of 3.00pm.

The Vigil at 8.00pm will have the lighted Paschal Candle, the Exsultet follows, then the Liturgy of the Word, Renewal of Baptismal promises, followed by the Litrugy of the Eucharist.

Easter Sunday Mass will be at 10.00am.


Home Learning

In Reception our home learning will be put onto the website, emailed to you each day and personalised learning will be put onto Tapestry when appropriate.  


Each day we will be setting some activities for your child to do. There will be a phonics activity, and one or two other activities, linked to either maths, literacy, RE or topic. Some of the activities might be a longer term project. As your child completes the activity, please add a comment, a photo or a video to their Tapestry account. Try to do this for as many of the activities as possible. If you have any problems in doing this, please email Mrs Parry-Jones .


Please don't worry about the "teaching" element of home learning. Your child will benefit from just spending time with you.  Play a board game, do the washing up, get involved in chores around the house, bake cakes, dance in the kitchen.  Remember that children in Reception do most of their learning through play, so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. Also give them time alone, some screen time and ask them to tell you a story.  Don't worry if they say they are bored.  Being bored encourages imagination!


We will look forward to welcoming everyone back to school as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and our very best wishes to you all


Mrs Parry-Jones and the rest of the Reception team. 


RE Activities from the Diocese