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Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning,


Everyone loves the Friday before half term, especially when there are chips involved...


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch - I may reply, it depends if I'm distracted ordering my cheesy chips and beans or not... 


Maths - Year 4 - Rounding decimals. I would suggest revisiting rounding (Daily10 would be your best bet) before attempting this task.

Year 5 - Arithmetic & Maths skills


English - Gladiator school. The task is what I'd like you to complete today, the writing challenges are additional if you want to. Myabe not today, perhaps next week if you're bored during the holiday wink


Science - Year 4 - We're pretty much done with Electricty now, so this page is a recap of what we've covered and some interesting facts / videos to work through.

Year 5 - Life Cycles of Mammals


Have great days and a lovely half term. Stay safe,


Mrs Gooch xx

Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning my little chickadees,


How are we all? Only two more days til half term, whoop!


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch. Maybe participate in some form of exercise, Joe Wicks, Oti Mabuse, Just Dance or anything else that gets you up and moving.


Maths - Year 4 - Comparing amounts of money.

Year 5 - Converting units of time - (months & years)


English - Gladiator Lesson 4


Topic - Roman Gods and Goddesses.


Have good days,

Mrs Gooch

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning,


9am - Please register with Mrs Gooch and then participate in some form of exercise to get your brains working. Perhaps you could run a relay race from the bathroom to the table using your toothbrush as a baton...


Maths - Year 4 - Money Lesson 1

Year 5 - Converting Mass


English - Roman Invasion L3

Spelling - prefixes. Look at the PowerPoint presentation first for the learning.


Comprehension - Sun safety


Have a good Wednesday,


Mrs Gooch x

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Good morning everyone,


Guess what? More laptop problems, which means... no Maths for the Year 4s...yet! I will get it up as soon as the IT guy can get me logged onto the new server (it's all planned, just stuck on my work laptop...)

I have managed to supply all the rest of your work however, so no excuses wink


9am - And I can still send and receive emails, so don't forget me. Come on over at 9am and say hello.


Maths - Year 4 - who knows?

Arithmetic sheet 26

Year 5 - Converting units of mass


English - You Wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator L2

I've recorded the next chapter of The Explorer, so head on over to the blog and have a listen


P.E. - Relay running. Feel free to get mums and dads involved in this one kiddos, pop your leotards on first...


Spanish - please complete some more pages of your booklet and / or log on to Memrise for more activities and help with pronunciation.


Have great days,


Mrs Gooch (P.S. if anyone gets their mum or dad in a leotard, I NEEEEEDDD a photo! laugh)

Monday 18th May 2020


Morning my lovelies,


Just a quick reminder, I'm in school this week, so may not be able to respond to your emails as quickly as I normally do. If you need anything, let me know and I'll do my best to get things to you.


9am - Register in with Mrs Gooch please. We will be starting the day with some Just Dance videos on You Tube.


Maths -Year 4-  Prior learning check - Money. I haven't attached the answers because I want to see for myself what you already know about money. Please send in your completed sheets.

Year 5 - Converting units of Mass


English - You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator L1.


R.E. - Pentecost L2


Have a great day,

Mrs Gooch

Friday 15th May 2020


Good morning and welcome to everybody's favourite day of the week. Make sure you get some chips in your life today kiddos...


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch please. If anyone is not still receiving daily emails from me, please let me know, I've been having problems with my Outlook recently.


Maths - Year 4 - Decimals and fractions recap.

Year 5 - Maths Skills & Arithmetic


English - Comprehension on Usain Bolt. Look for the sheet with your name on please.


Science - Year 4 - Conductors and Insulators

Year 5 - What is a life cycle? Read through the info, watch the videos and complete the activities. Then, write me a journal entry (like in Maths) of everything you've learned so far about Life Cycles please.


Have a great day everyone and a fab weekend,


Mrs Gooch

Thursday 14th May 2020


Morning gang, how are we all?


9am - Register in please and let me know how you are and what you've been up to. Really missing you guys...


Maths - Year 4 - remember, you are carrying on from yesterday's work. I hope those journal entries are high quality, with explanations, diagrams, examples and questions; like we would normally do.

Year 5 - Converting length - As usual read through the input & do the guided practice questions. Then have a go at the activity sheet. The answers from yesterday's work are also there.


English - If you have finished writing and self edited, and made sure you've completed your check list, I would like you to move onto comprehension. If you need more time on your writing, that's fine, but the comprehension will need to be done at some point. The comprehension is grouped, so look for the sheet with your name on.

I've recorded another chapter of The Explorer and it is available for you to listen to over on the blog.


Topic - Hadrian's Wall


Have great days, nearly the weekend!


Mrs Gooch x

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Good morning my little munchkins,


9 am - Make sure you register please, most of you are still doing really well at this. Exercise would be good at this point, especially if you've done as much snacking as me...


Maths - Year 4 - end of unit review, mind workouts and journal entry. There is a lot of work here - please complete over the next two days.

Year 5 - Converting length


English - edit and improve your work. Make sure you fill in your checklist.


Comprehension - Pobble 365  - The mirror in the Attic.


Spanish - Please complete more of your printed out booklet and log on to Memrise for more activities and help with pronunciation.


Have a lovely Wednesday,


Mrs Gooch



Tuesday 12th May 2020


Good morning everyone,


9am - Register in with Mrs Gooch please.


Maths - Year 4 - Dividing a whole number by 100.

Arithmetic 25

Year 5 - Length


English - I hope you got on ok planning your hot write. I would like you to start writing your story today please. Use your plan to help you. I've attached two checklists for you to use whilst writing; I've filled one in with examples from the football story as a guide and the other is blank for you to use when writing yours.


P.E - Hurdles


R.E. Pentecost L1

Monday 11th May 2020


Morning everyone, I hope you all had a fab weekend and celebrated V.E day in some way.


9am - Make sure you register in please, then complete some form of exercise.


Maths - Year 4 - Dividing whole numbers by 10.

Year 5 - Revising negative numbers


English - Attached, please find my version of the story you lot planned. Special mention to Barbara, Zain, Ibrahim and Daniel who supplied a lot of the ideas. Also, I've attached a blank planning grid, on which I would like you to plan a new morality tale ready for your hot write. Please plan in note form and make your story slightly different from what we've already done. I've attached some general feedback for writing, that I'd like you all to read and take note of please. Tomorrow, I will send out a writing checklist...


Science - I've moved Science because of the Bank Holiday so a few of the afternoon lessons will be different this week.

Year 4 - building circuits (this lesson will require internet access.)

Year 5 - amphibian life cycles

Thursday 7th May 2020


Good morning my little cherubs,


Last school day of the week (whoop laugh) but no chips today (boo sad). Please register in then complete some form of exercise...


Maths - Year 4 - Writing fractions as decimals.

Year 5 - Maths skills and arithmetic


English - Continue writing your ideas for the class morality tale.


Topic - Romans - Boudicca's rebellion. The PowerPoint you need is on the blog. Please note that your Topic sheets are named; you only need to complete the sheet with your name on.


Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday to celebrate V.E Day. I will not be posting work and you do not have to register in. I will post some V.E Day activities / information this evening, if you're interested or want something to do.


Have a great day and an even better weekend.


Mrs Gooch x


Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning pumpkins, hope you're all well,


9am - Please register in with Mrs Gooch. Most of you have been absolutely brilliant with this (much better than Mr Doherty's class wink)


Maths - Year 4 - Rounding Decimals 2

Arithmetic 24

Year 5 - Last lesson of percentages


English - Thanks to those who sent in ideas for the class story. I've stolen most of Zain's idea (well done Zain!) and written a brief plan. Please spend the next two lessons (today and tomorrow) writing up a draft for the class story, from the plan. Do it one paragraph at a time (you can send it in bit by bit if you like). I'll be stealing my favourite paragraphs / sentences for the class text.


Comprehension - Choose one of the two Pobble pictures and complete the activities. Some people find it easier to use the website:


PSHE - there's a game to play with instructions, although it requires four players...

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Good morning,


Apologies again for yesterday's email problems. Thanks to those who emailed in anyway, or later; it's still important for me to know who is working hard.


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch and start the day with some exercise. We've been doing Just Dance videos on You Tube, lots of fun...


Maths - Year 4 - Rounding decimals

Year 5 - Percentages


English - Boxing up and morality tale planning.


P.E. Running


Spanish - Please complete a few more pages of your booklet and log on to Memrise for some pronunciation tips and more activities.


Have a lovely day everyone,


Mrs Gooch



Monday 4th May 2020


Morning you lot, I hope you've had a good weekend. Please keep up the hard work this week and remember, NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!! 


9am - Register in with Mrs Gooch then participate in some daily exercise to set you up for the day.


Maths - Year 4 -Sequencing Decimals

Year 5 - Percentages


English - Language features (SPaG) of The Conquerors. It might seem like there are lots of documents for English, but most of them don't need printing - they are either instructions or information.


R.E. Titles for Mary.


I hope you like the collage we've made for you all...


Have a good day,


Mrs Gooch x



A message to our pupils x

A message to our pupils x 1
Year 5's - Read through the power point and do the examples. The activity sheet has 3 pages.

Friday 1st May 2020


Chip day, whoop whoop! Also, only one more day till lie in and boy do I need it this week...

I hope you're all keeping well.


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch please. Remember, you should be doing this every day so we know you are safe, well and learning. Then complete some form of exercise to get your blood pumping and your brain working.


Maths - Year 4 - Ordering decimals. 

Year 5 - See Ms Wilkinson's page for today's work.


English - Writing fables lesson 2.


Science - Year 4 - Lesson 1 Electricity. Look at the PowerPoint before completing the activities please.

Year 5 - Flowering plant reproduction.


Have a good day and an even better weekend.


Mrs Gooch smiley

Thursday 30th April 2020


Good morning cherubs, nearly chip day...Can't wait to get my hands on the best school chips in the world...


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch. At school, we're bored of Joe Wicks now. On You Tube you can find Just Dance videos, much more fun!


Maths - Year 4 - Ordering decimals

Year 5 - Solve problems involving percentages.


English - Cold write - writing a fable.


Topic - Roman Roads. Unfortunately, once again, the PowerPoint is too large to upload here. Please go to the blog for the background information you will need.


Have a fabulous day,


Mrs Gooch

Hi Year 5's, first of all watch the power point relevant to the task you did yesterday. If you did Chilli 1 task, watch the first power point and answer the task below. If you did Chilli 2 or 3 yesterday. watch the second power point and answer the task below. Do either Chilli 2 or 3.

The answers for yesterday's work is the last document.

Belated Happy Birthday to Jonathan for the 17th! Sorry we didn't get to sing to you...

And to Zain for the 16th. Don't worry, I'll give you the bumps when I see you next!

Altered Images - Happy Birthday

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Good morning everybody, I hope you are all well. Thank you to all those who are remembering to sign in each morning, completing your work and behaving beautifully for your parents wink


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch. Maybe complete a Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse workout to get your blood pumping and your brains working.


Maths - Year 4 - Decimals L8

Year 5 - To solve problems involving percentages.


English - Features of fables.

SPaG - Direct and reported speech.


Comprehension - Fables. One group of children have a different comprehension sheet from the rest of the class. Please make sure you check for your name. If you can't find your name, do the sheet called "Comprehension" please.


Have a good day,


Mrs Gooch x

Year 5's, watch the powerpoint. Watch up to slide 8 for chilli 1 or carry on to do chilli 2 & 3.

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good morning my lovelies, happy Tuesday smiley


9am - Don't forget to register with Mrs Gooch. I was very pleased to see most of you remembered to do this yesterday. 


Maths - Year 4 - Decimals L7 and Arithmetic sheet 23

Year 5 - Percentages. There are 3 options, please only choose one to do.


English - Aesop's Fables


Spanish - Complete some pages of your booklet. Don't forget to log on to Memrise. Miss Maria said NO ONE in the WHOLE school went on last week!!


P.E. - Complete an activity from the athletics home learning tasks sheet.

Monday 27th April 2020


Good morning everyone,


I hope you've all had a fab weekend.


9am - Register in with Mrs Gooch, then see if you can keep up with me and the children at school, completing Joe Wicks's P.E. lesson.


Maths -Year 4 Lesson 6 - Decimals

Year 5 - Lesson 1 - Percentages


English - Letter writing based on The Conquerors.


R.E. - The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven.


This afternoon might be a good time to complete the next chapter of your personal project.

Have good days people, miss you loads,


Mrs Gooch x

After you've watched the video, work through the power point to help you understand.Then work through the maths task today. Make sure you've worked through the examples.



Friday 24th April 2020


Morning you lot, it's chip day!!!


Thanks so much for the work you've been sending in, I've especially enjoyed reading your thoughts about our story and on Roman invasions. Next week, I will be back in school for the first time. Yay! I will still post your work as normal, I'll just be sat in the hall as you register in, instead of on my sofa. Hopefully, I'll see one or two of you there.


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch please. It is very important that we know you are keeping up with your learning, especially now we're moving on to new content.


Maths - Yr 4 Decimals. I've mixed your sheet up a bit because I don't like lesson 5 in the book. Therefore you've got a combination of lessons 5 and 6.

Year 5 - Arithmetic and Key skills

Answers will be put on next Monday. 


English - I've re-read the whole story and shared some of my thoughts about it on the blog. After listening, please write me a review of the book, why you like it (or dislike it), what the message is, the author's use of language and include our thoughts on the morals we have talked about. I would expect your responses to be about a page in your home learning book.


Science - Yr 4 - Digestion and nutrients.

Yr 5 - Mammal life cycles.


Handwriting - all children should complete some handwriting practice please, it is important to keep up your skills. Miss Shaw has provided a booklet with lots of pages, so you can work through a bit at a time.


Have a great day and an even better weekend.


Mrs Gooch x

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Well Munchkins, we are over halfway through the week and I continue to be incredibly proud of all you children completing your work, sending it in and generally making the best of a difficult time. (I suppose we should really thank your parents too wink)


9am - Don't forget to register with Mrs Gooch on the email.


Maths - 

Year 4 - Decimals Lesson 4

Year 5 - Multiplying a whole number by a mixed number. I have also put the answer sheet for Wednesday's work.


English - Listen to the end of The Conquerors over on the blog, then answer the questions attached below.


Story - I have recorded myself reading the next chapter of The Explorer, also on the blog.


Topic - Starting our new topic about The Romans with a lesson on Invasions. The PowerPoint you need was too big for this website, so I've put a link on the blog so you can open it that way.

There are three levels of questions, with Level 1 being the easiest up to Level 3 (the hardest). You may chose your own level. Choose wisely...


Have good days people, missing you loads and loads.


Mrs Gooch x

Year 5 - Multiplying a whole number by a mixed number

To assist you with your maths, please watch the video again as Ms Wilkinson has very kindly recorded this to assist you in your learning.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good morning my little chickadees. I'm glad to hear so many of you are enjoying The Conquerors, it's a lovely book with a strong moral subtext. I'm also glad to hear some of you were doing P.E. skills outside yesterday afternoon.


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch then complete some exercise / wake up shake up.


Maths - Year 4 - Decimals L3

Year 5 - Fractions - Watch the video and once again chose whether you would like to do 1 chilli or 2.

Some of the answers you can simplify, if you can remember how to do this.

There is also an answer sheet for yesterday's work. 


English - Watch the next part of The Conquerors on the blog then answer the questions attached below.


SPaG - subordinating conjunctions.


Comprehension - Pobble 365 - Watery World.


Have a good day, I hope you're getting to enjoy the sunshine. I wonder if it's possible for me to do home schooling from the garden...


Mrs Gooch


Wednesday 22nd April - Maths video for Mrs Casey's Maths group. Please watch before attempting activity sheets.

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning everyone, hope you're all well. Thanks to all those who completed their work yesterday, I was very impressed with some of your responses to the front cover of our new book.


9am - Please register in with Mrs Gooch, then participate with Oti's dance class or Joe's P.E. lesson.


Maths -

Year 4 - Lesson 2 Decimals

Year 5 - Multiplying fractions by whole numbers

Choose whether you are 1, 2 or 3 chillies. If you would like to have ago at all 3 sheets, go for it.

There is also the answers for yesterdays questions. Enjoy - Mrs Casey


English - watch the three videos on the blog Then answer the questions on the sheet attached below.


P.E. - Introducing the athletics unit of work - jumping.


Spanish - complete some more pages of your workbook. Don't forget to go on Memrise as well.


Have a good day.

Mrs G

Monday 20th April 2020


Good morning my little cherubs, how I've missed you...I hope you all had a fab Easter holiday and got lots of sunshine / chocolate / rest etc...


We are starting new units of work in both Maths and English today, which may mean you find the work slightly harder than the stuff you were doing before Easter. This is just a reminder that you can contact me at any point during the day and I'll get back to you asap. I'll either send you a few worked examples on the email, or I might put another video on the blog. Now that I'm feeling better, I'll read more chapters of The Explorer and post those on the blog aswell.


9am - Don't forget to register in with Mrs Gooch via the email. Joe Wicks is still doing his daily P.E. lessons if you are feeling energetic, or you might give dancing with Oti a try ( I might even have a go myself!)



Year 4 - Lesson 1 Decimals

Year 5 - Multiplying fractions by a whole number

There is a video to assist you in this task. I will be posting the answers for these tomorrow.


English - We will be starting a new book called The Conquerors by David McKee.


R.E. - We will be starting the new Easter topic on The Resurrection.


Mrs Casey's Group: How to multiply fractions by a whole number

Friday 3rd April 2020


Hey kiddos, it's Friday (chip day) and the last day of term! Woohooo!!!


9am - Please register with Mrs Gooch, nice and early so I can go back to bed wink. If you're feeling energetic, maybe complete P.E. with Joe or dance with Oti.


Maths - Year 4 Time L5

Year 5 - Today we are going to wrap up our work on decimals by learning how to round decimals to the nearest tenth.


English - Complete the Pobble 365 page "On the Prowl."


Please note, there has been a change in times for the online worship sessions


Attached also are some activities from Ufton Court and our end of term newsletter.


Have a good morning and I'll "see" you after Easter.


Mrs Gooch


Thursday 2nd April 2020


Morning you lot, hope you're all well.


It was lovely to see your artwork / English on the blog yesterday. If you haven't been and had a look, nip over today. You might even like to leave a comment on each other's work (as long as it's polite!) Remember, if you can't login, you can create a blog post anyway, just pop your name on it so I know it is yours. Also, I may send some back if I feel they need editing before being put online.


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch


Maths - Year 4 - Time L4

Year 5 - see above


English - Complete the work around the picture from Pobble 365. I'm looking forward to hearing how you continue the story and what's behind the fence...


Science - Year 4 what animals eat.

Year 5 - Earth, sun and moon.


Have a good day,

Mrs Gooch

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning everyone,


9am - Please register with Mrs Gooch, then perhaps you could participate in Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse's workouts to get your blood pumping...


Maths - Year 4 Time Lesson 3.

Year 5 - revision and arithmetic.


English / Computing - On the blog, I would like you to write me an account of a day learning from home. How do you fill your day? Which activities are you enjoying? How are you stopping yourself from getting bored? How are you helping out your family / parents / neighbours? Remember, if you can't login, you can still send me a post, but make sure your name is on it somewhere (perhaps in the title.)


SPaG - Your sheets are named, so please make sure you complete the correct one.


Art - The artwork of Henri Rousseau.


Miss Shaw has posted some handwriting practice for you, which is very important, especially if you've done most of your home learning on the computer so far!


Have a fab day,

Mrs G

Handwriting from Miss Shaw

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning you lot, happy Tuesday.


9am Please register with Mrs Gooch. 


Maths - Year 4 - Time lesson 2.

Arithmetic number 22 is on the blog.

Year 5 - Adding and subtracting decimals.


English - More comprehension. Again, I've uploaded different sheets for different children so look for your name in the title. I hope to record some more of The Explorer soon, watch this space...


PSHE - Picture news - Exploring our feelings.


Personal project - complete chapter 2.


Choose an activity from the list of websites I posted yesterday for something a little different.


Have a good day,

Mrs Gooch smiley

Online resources for extra activities

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning everyone and welcome to Week 2 of home learning.


We'll start with register at 9am please. I was thrilled that almost everybody in the entire class registered every day last week. Keep it up...

Joe Wicks is continuing his daily P.E. lessons, so join in and get those Monday morning brain cells working.


Maths - Year 4. Lesson 1 - Telling the time on the 24 hour clock. Try the In Focus question independently before reading through the Let's Learn. Like we would do in a normal MNP lesson.

Year 5 - please have a go at Arithmetic Test 4.

Solving word problems and decimals.


English - reading comprehension. Different children have different sheets, so look out for your name in the title.


R.E. - comparing the crowds on Palm Sunday and at the Trial of Jesus.


You could start chapter 2 of your personal projects if you wish.


Have a great day,

Mrs G

Friday 27th March 2020


Well done you lot, you've made it to Friday (otherwise known as chip day!) We're working just as hard today, let's finish the week on a high!


9am - Register with Mrs Gooch on the email, send in any work if you haven't already done so.


Maths - Year 4 - solving word problems. There are three different sheets, so check the names on each one before you start. You only need to complete the sheet with your name on.

Year 5 - revision and decimals.


English - Classic poetry writing. Choose two activities as a minimum. I've included your writing objectives as a reminder. There are a few things on the Year 5 list we haven't covered yet, so don't worry if you are not sure.


Science - Read the PowerPoint, then complete the activities in your book. Don't forget the date and title.


Have a good day and an even better weekend. I hope you manage to get some chips in your life today...

Thursday 26th March 2020.


Well done Year 4/5, you've reached Thursday, day 4 of home learning and you're all doing an amazing job. I'm so proud of each and every one of you.

Just a couple of things. Please check the work you are completing is for your year group. You don't want to end up with extra, or work you don't understand. 

Please could Mrs Casey's group start sending in the Maths? I will forward it to her. I believe she is quite bored at home with nothing to do!


9am - Please register with Mrs Gooch. I will not be participating with the Joe Wicks workout as now my legs hurt too much, but you still can! You are allowed out and about to get exercise, walking, running, or cycling, whatever you fancy. Just keep two metres away from other people. It's important to get fresh air and sunshine on your skin. Yesterday I rode my bike around the cycle paths near me and it was lovely.


Maths - Year 4 Review 1 and solving word problems. Please show your working for each word problem so I know how you got your answer.

Year 5 - Revision work.


English - reading Classic poetry.

SPaG - read through the Using Paragraphs PowerPoint. When you get to slide 6, have a go at dividing the passage up into paragraphs before continuing to the next slide.


Spanish - Those of you who weren't given a hard copy of the Spanish booklet from Miss Maria, I'll attach. If you already have it, don't feel you have to download it to send it back; it's quite long! Choose enough pages to keep you going for an hour or so.


Have a good day. Nearly Friday!


Mrs Gooch




Daily worship sessions from Portsmouth dioceses:

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning everyone, welcome to day three of home learning. I hope we're all trying hard and helping our parents to understand what we are doing. Remember, this week and next, you are being set revision tasks.


9am - Please register with Mrs Gooch in response to the email. If your email doesn't get through to me, you could try sending a separate one just to me. I will be participating in the Joe Wicks workout live on You Tube (or later, if my legs are still aching!)


Maths - Year 5 - more decimals.

Year 4 - revision on long multiplication and division. Please use the long method for multiplication (bring down the zeros) and the short method for division.

There is also the next arithmetic sheet on the blog.


English - complete the poetry comprehension on "The Star".


R.E. Ordering the events of Holy Week. You might like to join the prayer session at Portsmouth Cathedral at 10.15 am. The link to the live stream is below.


Feel free to carry on with your personal project if you run out of things to do.


Have a good day everyone,

Mrs Gooch

Live stream praying together sessions start tomorrow at 10.15.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good morning everyone,


I hope you all got on well with your work yesterday. Thanks to all those who sent in things for me to look at. Some of you have obviously worked hard.


Please register between 9 and 9.30am in response to my email, which will come first thing tomorrow.


9am - register with Mrs Gooch. I will be starting my day working out with Joe Wicks live on You Tube.


Maths - Year 4 - complete revision questions on rounding, addition and subtraction. If you are completing work in your book, please put the date and title at the top of your work.

Year 5 - complete work on decimals.


English - listen to Mrs Gooch reading the next chapter of The Explorers on our class blog.

Answer the questions and complete the writing task in your books. Don't forget the date and title!


pm - Start the first chapter of your personal project. You could draw pictures, write some paragraphs, include diagrams and charts, whatever you like. Maybe set it up like a non-chronological report.


If you didn't get the chance to work out with Joe Wicks earlier, you can complete the workout at any time of day. It's a good idea to keep fit while we may have long periods indoors and online.


Hope you all have a good day,

Mrs Gooch





Monday 23rd March 2020.

Good morning children and welcome to your first day of online learning!

This is new to us all, so if there are any problems, please let me know and I will do my best to help you. Remember, you can contact me about your learning any time on the email, you may attach documents or photos if you want me to look at anything. I will respond to your work, but not every piece, every day. Feedback will be private as will support for all children. Some of you will be directed to different activities, but I will let you know who when I email.


9am - Please email Mrs Gooch to show you are ready to learn. I will be filling in a register each day.


Maths (see attached sheet) Fraction revision. Please could all children who were absent last week complete the Fractions Review attached below.

Year 5 - Mrs Casey's group need to finish their mid year revision. Those are the sheets you took home in your cardboard folders.


English (see attached sheet) Haikus.


pm - Start your personal project. Design a front cover and decide what each chapter will be about.


Those who were away last week, please choose a topic you would like to study / research. Some project titles include "Football", "Animals" and "Space". Could those children please tell me on the email what your topic will be about.


3pm - Please send in any work you wish me to look at.


Have a good day!

Mrs Gooch