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We currently have no pictures of Mr Doherty, Year 4 teacher, and Mrs Beukes, Year 3.  Both of these took up post in September and their photographs will be added to our gallery.
Our Teachers
Picture 1 Mrs McVeigh Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Flynn, Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mrs Tetchner, Assistant Head and The Ark Manager
Picture 4 Mrs Asker, Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)
Picture 5 Mr Cosgrove, Year 6 Teacher Key Stage 2 Leader
Picture 6 Mrs Bloom, Year 6 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Kassam, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 8 Ms Wilkinson, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Gooch, Year 4/5 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Kerrigan, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Sutton,Year 2 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Froud, Year 1/2 Teacher Key Stage 1 Leader
Picture 13 Mrs Cox, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs Parry-Jones, Reception Early Years Leader
Picture 15 Miss Boutska, Reception Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Wigmore, Nursery Teacher