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Christ the King aims to be an inclusive school


We are proud of the comments in the latest Ofsted 2022 report, stating that:

‘This is an inclusive school. Knowledgeable leaders support staff to quickly identify the needs of pupils with SEND. Leaders and staff have high ambitions for all pupils, including those with special educational needs or disabilities. 


    In November 2019 Christ the King achieved the SEND Inclusion Award


    At Christ the King we follow the principles of Inclusion as laid down in the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs 2014:

    • To ensure all pupils are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
    • All pupils will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential educationally, emotionally, and physically
    • All teachers view themselves as teachers of pupils with special educational needs, teaching such pupils is a whole school responsibility
    • All pupils with special educational needs should have their needs met
    • Pupil's special educational needs will normally be met in the mainstream classroom
    • Pupil's views should be sought and taken into account
    • Parents/carers have a vital role to play in supporting their child's education and therefore good home/school links are established

    Christ the King Local Offer 


    Our Local Offer (SEND Information Report) can be found on this page and and our Accessibility Plan is available to view on the Policies page of this website.  The Policies page is in "Key Information".

    The admission of children with SEN to the main school is covered in our admission policy which is available on the Admissions page.  The Admissions page is in "Key Information".

    Arrangements for the admission of children to The Ark, our Specialist Resource for children with autism, are explained in the ASD Resource section of our website.

    Whole School Provision Map

    This document covers provision for our pupils with SEND, which is additional to and different from our main school curriculum and are linked to the targets on our IEPs.

    Whole school Provision Map

    Individual Education Plan (IEP)

    IEPs are used to support children with specific needs, it is a tool to help plan, teach, monitor and evaluate their progress.

    They are written by the class teacher in conjunction with the parent/carer and child. Once implemented the IEP is evaluated regularly, with new targets set or existing targets modified.

    Please see example IEP below for more information.

    Example IEP

    Reading SEND Local Offer 

    SEND Guide for Parent Carers