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Phonics is a very important part of learning to read and write.


We base our phonics teaching on "Letters and Sounds" and we teach phonics to all children for twenty minutes every day from Nursery to Year 2.   There are six phases in Letters and Sounds.  Phase 1 begins in Nursery.  Phases 2, 3 and 4 are taught in Reception and consolidated in Year 1.  Phase 5 is normally taught in Year 1 and Phase 6 in Year 2.  To find out what sounds are included in each phase see "Phonics for Parents" below.


Some children grasp things more quickly than others and in our daily phonics sessions it is more important that children are taught in groupings which reflect where they are in phonics, rather than their age.  For these twenty minutes daily children may be taught in a different class, with children who are older or younger.  


In Year 1 the children take the national Phonic test, and those who do not achieve the standard re-take the test in Year 2.  A few children may continue with phonics in Year 3, although they do not re-take the test after Year 2..

How can parents support phonics learning?  


A great way to engage children at home with phonics is to play games. Matching pairs, snap, sorting words or letters can all be ways to help teach your children.  If you have a computer at home then below are some links to websites that have fun interactive phonics games for children to play.