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Our school has 12 Governors.  Seven are Foundation Governors appointed by Bishop Philip Egan, the Bishop of Portsmouth; 2 are parents elected by the other parents in the school; 1 is a staff Governor, elected by staff; 1 represents the Local Authority (Reading); and the headteacher is also a Governor.  
Meet Our Governors

Victoria Hummell

Chair of Governing Body 2019/20

Foundation Governor until January 2023, appointed 31st July 2013.

Responsibilities: Religious Education, safeguarding, Headteacher performance management, admissions and SRE

Sits on all Committees

Register of interests: None

"I have retired after a life time in Catholic education as a teacher and a diocesan schools’ adviser and an RE and an Ofsted inspector."


Conor Prendergast

Vice-chair of Governing Body 2019/20

Foundation Governor until November 2022; a Governor since 2014.

Responsibilities: English, Headteacher Performance Management

Sits on: Finance & Premises committee (Vice-Chair) 2019/20

Register of Interests: None



Father Pat Madden

As Parish Priest of Christ the King Father Pat is a Foundation Governor ex officio.  This means he will only cease to be a Governor when he is no longer our parish priest.  He was appointed on 1st September 2010.

Responsibilities: Worship, Special Needs

Sits on: Finance & Premises committee 2019/20

Register of Interests: None


Teresa Poole

Foundation Governor until October 2022; appointed in October 2018.  

Sits on: Staffing & Curriculum committee (Chair) 2019/20

Responsibilities: Early Years

Register of Interests: None

Mrs Poole has grandchildren in the school, and has been a Christ the King Governor before, when her own children were here. 


Mrs S. Dunne

Foundation Governor until March 2021; a Governor since 2014.

Responsibilities: Curriculum Balance

Sits on: Finance & Premises committee (Chair) 2019/20

Register of interests: None

"I work in the finance sector. I have been a governor for over 4 ½ years."




Maggie Hills

Foundation Governor until 22 May 2024, appointed on 31 August 2016.

Responsibilities: Maths

Sits on: Curriculum & Staffing committee (Vice-Chair) 2019/20

Register of interests: None

"I had a Catholic education myself and know how valuable it is to attend a good school. I hope I can help  the school maintain its high standards and friendly atmosphere. I am an active member of various ministries in Christ the King parish."


Victoria Lendrum

Elected parent Governor until November 2022; elected November 2018. 

Sits on: Finance & Premises committee 2019/20

Responsibilities: Pupil Premium

Register of Interests: None

Mrs Lendrum is the mother of two children at Christ the King School, in Years 3 and 1. 


Tracey Corduff

Elected parent Governor until October 2023; elected October 2019.

Sits on: 


Register of Interests: None

Mrs Corduff is the mother of one child at Christ the King School, in Year 1.


Sophia Idnani

Appointed as LA Governor until September 2023; appointed September 2019.

Sits on: Curriculum & Staffing Committee

Responsibilities: Health & Safety

Register of Interests: None. 

Mrs Idnani is the mother of two children at Christ the King school in Years 1 and 4


What the Governors do 


The Governing Board  seeks to support the Headteacher and staff in preserving and developing the Catholic ethos of the school in living out the school mission statement:


‘I come to bring you life; life in all its fullness’


The Governors have three core responsibilities:


  1. To ensure clarity of Catholic visions, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. To hold to account the senior leadership of Christ the King school for maintaining and developing the educational excellence, high standards and Catholic character of the school and its pupils; for the internal organisation, management and control of the school including performance management of staff.
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the school to ensure that the money well spent for the best advantage of the pupils.


Other responsibilities include:


  • To be a critical friend to the school, both supporting and challenging the senior leadership.
  • Setting targets and promoting high standards of educational achievement.
  • Setting the strategic framework within which the school operates.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based and all children have equal opportunities and receive their entitlement.
  • Oversee and monitor a range of policies school including religious education, safeguarding, health and safety, financial matters, curriculum and performance management of the Headteacher.
  • Admissions to the school.
  • All governors observe strict confidentiality particularly in relations to matters concerning staff and pupils, unless there is a lawful requirement for disclosure.

Governors may be contacted through the school office.