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Intention of Design and Technology at Christ The King

At Christ The King, the intention of the Design and Technology (DT) curriculum is to inspire children and promote practical skills alongside the subject knowledge of Maths, science and art.


Teaching DT should follow the design, make and evaluate cycle, where each of them should be given equal weight. Children should be prepared with skills, which enable them to envision a design and critically evaluate it during the making, assessing how they will create their product and how to make it better.  


During DT lessons, children learn how to become resilient and resourceful. They are encouraged to be innovators and problem solvers; skills that they will be using into their adult lives.  



Design and Technology Implementation

The teaching of Design and Technology across the school follows the National Curriculum alongside the Design and Technology Association’s ‘Projects on a Page’ documents. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, we teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making.


Each class completes at least three projects a year, one of these being a food project. Each project is designed with the 6 D&T essentials in mind and ensuring that the pupils work in a range of relevant contexts. Each project has strong links with the class’s topic work and is designed to help the pupil’s learning across the curriculum with particularly strong links with Science, Maths, Computing and Art.


Across the primary phase, we ensure the pupils have a deep understanding of Design, Structures, Mechanisms, Electrical Control and the use of a Range of Materials (including food). 


D &T Curriculum Overview