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Religious Education (RE) is an important part of our curriculum.  RE is taught for about two and a half hours a week and we follow "God Matters" the scheme approved by the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth for use in Catholic schools.


Our work in RE is studied in topics.


Autumn: Creation (6 weeks), Prayers Saints and Feasts (4 weeks), Advent (3 weeks)


Spring:  Christmas (1 week), Revelation (4 weeks), Lent (5 weeks), Holy Week (1 week)


Summer:  Easter (2 weeks), Pentecost and Mission (5 weeks), Other Faiths (2 weeks), Sacraments (5 weeks)


The number of weeks for each topic may vary slightly depending on the timetable of the year.  The Spring and Summer terms can vary greatly in length but the topics are always studied in the appropriate term so units of work are shortened or lengthened as appropriate.  


In the topic on Other Faiths each year group will learn about one of: Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.