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Welcome to the Autumn term in Nursery.


We are looking forward to all the exciting learning opportunities that we are going to share together.  We also welcome our new starters and hope they enjoy learning and growing with us.


Our topics for the first half of this term are, All About Me, transitioning the new and returning children into Nursery; when we will get to know each other and think about ourselves as unique individuals; what we like / dislike; our families and what we can do and know.  We will think about our planet and the Creation Story and then think about space and other planets.  Towards the end of October we will celebrate harvest and the foods we eat.


The staff in Nursery are:

Mrs. Sinclair, Miss Kite, Mrs Emmett-Church and Mrs Cox.


Fruit and milk is available daily at snack time. The fruit changes from day to day, this is a great opportunity for your child to perhaps try something new.  However, should you want to supply your own snack it must be fruit or vegetables only.


Please can you send a drinks bottle in everyday, containing water only.


Can I also ask that you send in a spare set of clothes in a labelled bag that can be kept in school in case of any need to be changed.


As the weather gets wetter and colder please be mindful that we spend a significant amount of time outdoors and that your child is dressed appropriately. 

If you have a spare pair of labelled wellies that can be left at school please feel free to send these in too.


We use Tapestry to record observations of your children.  This is a great way for you to see what your child gets up to during their time here. 

You can comment on posts and you can also add your own pictures and posts so we can celebrate achievements and share activities you do at home.


To contact me please email:



One Page Tapestry Guide

Home Learning

In the case of local lockdown in Nursery our home learning will be put onto the website personalised learning will be put onto Tapestry when appropriate.  Each day we will be setting some activities for your child to do. There will be activities a linked to either maths, literacy, RE or topic. Some of the activities might be a longer term project. As your child completes the activity, please add a comment, a photo or a video to their Tapestry account. 


Please don't worry about the "teaching" element of home learning. Your child will benefit from just spending time with you.  Play a board game, do the washing up, get involved in chores around the house, bake cakes, dance in the kitchen.  Remember that children in Early Years do most of their learning through play, so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. Also give them time alone, some screen time and ask them to tell you a story.  Don't worry if they say they are bored.  Being bored encourages imagination!


Thank you for your support and our very best wishes to you all