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Music is taught across the school through an interactive, fun and lively computer program called ‘Charanga’.  


Through the Charanga Music School programme the children develop their musical understanding, apply new learning, develop their aural memory, and express themselves physically, emotionally and through discussion.  They go on to create their own musical ideas.

The children not only learn about music; they become musicians who are able to  share and perform using their new skills.

The activities and games cover the musical dimensions, (formerly elements – pulse, rhythm, pitch etc) through singing and playing instruments, listening and creating music – all intrinsically linked through a central song or piece.

We enhance the children's musical opportunities with instrument lessons provided by Berkshire Maestros.  Through their In2music project they come in to teach a whole class.  We have a school choir and enjoy performing at Hexagon Concerts.  Performance is encouraged with Talent shows and Assembly performances.  The Choir perform for the community at Christmas.