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Joggy Bear Education



Oxford Brookes University is doing a two year evaluation of the impact and outcomes of the Joggy Bear Education programme devised by Lizzie Webb for Creativity in Sport. This involves our pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 and will be completed in July 2018.


The children learn with Joggy Bear’s energetic, creative activity games, action songs and exercises, how to increase their learning skills in numeracy, literacy and personal social development. Also included in the programme is an innovative rote learning multiplication programme for pupils of all ages.

Leading the research and evaluation are Dr Dido Green, Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes with continuing research into the neuroplasticity of motor learning and behaviour and Dr Jane Hood, a leading figure for the development of neuropsychological practice within the field of Education Psychology. Dr Hood is an honorary lecturer at the research department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology at University College London.